Rachel helped me with so many things throughout our coaching relationship. Over the course of a year, we worked on everything from my physical health and spirituality practices to my career strategy. There was so much packed into each session and I was consistently impressed with her flexibility when she had no idea what I’d be bringing into the session (often, it was complete mental and emotional chaos I was unloading). I appreciated that she walked with me through an extremely difficult year of major personal challenges and life changes, and she did so with wisdom, grace, and humor. I feel confident in my path forward in my personal and professional life. More importantly, I felt truly heard, understood and appreciated. After every session, I’ve left feeling lighter, happier, calmer and more focused than I thought possible. I would recommend Rachel to everyone because she is a joy to work with and is amazingly adaptable to people’s different goals and challenges. She is the real deal, so if you’re ready to feel clear, confident and joyful in life, get in touch with her!

Emily Shutt, ACC, WPCC, Certified Financial Coach

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Rachel! She is a beautifully talented soul with a gift for seeking out the true meaning and individual gifts one has to give to the world. Rachel has empowered me to truly seek out what it is I really want in life on a deeper level and to go for it! She is a truly inspiring and caring bright light that I am so grateful to have worked with and continue to see her work make profound changes on others and on the planet as a whole!

Kourtney Ann, Whole Person Certified Coach and Energy Healer

“Rachel Drummond has a really wonderful way of supporting me on my journey. She listens well and holds space for what surfaces. As I began my business, working with her enabled me to be very intentional about putting my best foot forward. I enjoyed our sessions and would encourage others that are considering working with Rachel to take the leap!”

Sarah Budd, Consultant & Coach