Benefits of binge watching

The other day I was scrolling through my news feed on Facebook and I came across an event invitation for a group trail run. As previously mentioned in several other posts, I love running. Especially when it happens on a trail and in the company of fun people. My feeling of effervescence about possibly joining this … Continue reading Benefits of binge watching


Dear Body

from September 11, 2017 - Bali, Day 5 An Open Letter to My Body Dear Gorgeous and Powerful Vessel, My Beloved Pura (the Balinese word for temple) and Temporary Spiritual Housing, a.k.a. my Body, I have spent so much time saying terrible things to you. For this, I'm so sorry. The Brain that you hold … Continue reading Dear Body

expansion, contraction, utthita hasta padangusthasana

Are you expanding or contracting?

Have you ever experienced Analysis Paralysis? This phenomenon is indecision that keeps you stuck prevents you from moving forward and taking action for fear of consequences or stories you believe to be true. Sound familiar? If yes, you're not alone! Much of my coaching work revolves around helping people work through Analysis Paralysis. It's worth … Continue reading Are you expanding or contracting?


Oh I love a good story. Who doesn't? Winter isn't my favorite season, but I do try to appreciate the gifts that it brings us in the northern hemisphere: an abundance of citrus, snow for skiing and snow-shoeing, and fewer daylight hours which in creates more opportunities for hygge reading ("hoo-gah"; the suddenly-hip Danish concept of … Continue reading Stories