Perfect as is

I overheard these words at yoga this morning: "Maybe someday I'll be brave enough to wear shorts to class." What I have to say today will be very brief and to the point, because excess words in regards to what I'm about to say might imply that there is room for debate. There isn't. You. … Continue reading Perfect as is



Oh I love a good story. Who doesn't? Winter isn't my favorite season, but I do try to appreciate the gifts that it brings us in the northern hemisphere: an abundance of citrus, snow for skiing and snow-shoeing, and fewer daylight hours which in creates more opportunities for hygge reading ("hoo-gah"; the suddenly-hip Danish concept of … Continue reading Stories

Love for the confused

Love is simple. Love is confusing. And love is everything in between simplicity and confusion. Because Valentine's day is a day from today, let's talk about love. If you are a person who's ever been confused by or questioning your love for someone or how someone is showing their love for you, this is my love-letter … Continue reading Love for the confused

On fear, uncertainty, and doubt

These three have been getting a lot of play time in my mind recently. I'm saying this as a badge of truth, not one of pride. The presence and potentially destructive nature of fear, uncertainty, and doubt have required me to remember my tools and productive coping mechanisms for working through the challenges. Notice how I … Continue reading On fear, uncertainty, and doubt

Chasing Effervescence

Let's get bubbly. Today we're going to talk about one of my favorite words: effervescence. Full disclosure: I stared at 'effervescence' for a few beats just now after I typed it, with 99% confidence that I nailed the spelling, but maybe I didn't, but then I checked and sure enough, I got it! Booyah! We're … Continue reading Chasing Effervescence

Happy birthday Onward Woman: first year lessons learned

A year ago last Friday was a very hard day. I wrote a social media post at the end of that day, in an attempt to cope and process it all. Jan 20 2017 I spent the whole day in a mental fog. Grateful that I woke up and I showed up, but just barely. … Continue reading Happy birthday Onward Woman: first year lessons learned