Benefits of binge watching

The other day I was scrolling through my news feed on Facebook and I came across an event invitation for a group trail run. As previously mentioned in several other posts, I love running. Especially when it happens on a trail and in the company of fun people. My feeling of effervescence about possibly joining this … Continue reading Benefits of binge watching

dandasana grounding expanding

3 Ways to Go with the Flow

If you're anything like me, when you hear the phrase "Go with the flow", you feel rebellion, effervescence, then fear. Rebellion because you've just reminded yourself: "Oh yeah, I am the one putting limits on myself. Enough of that. I AM UNSTOPPABLE! POUR THE COFFEE, MAKE THE LISTS, TAKE ACTION, BOOK THE TICKETS, AND LET'S … Continue reading 3 Ways to Go with the Flow

expansion, contraction, utthita hasta padangusthasana

Are you expanding or contracting?

Have you ever experienced Analysis Paralysis? This phenomenon is indecision that keeps you stuck prevents you from moving forward and taking action for fear of consequences or stories you believe to be true. Sound familiar? If yes, you're not alone! Much of my coaching work revolves around helping people work through Analysis Paralysis. It's worth … Continue reading Are you expanding or contracting?

Rachel and the McKenzie River

How to show up at a race and win

When I started this blog I never imagined I'd write so much about running but low and behold, here I am again for the second time in four months writing about running. As with most physical disciplines, there are several parallels to be drawn between doing the activity and its practical application in life. So even if running … Continue reading How to show up at a race and win

Heceta Head Lighthouse by Rachel Drummond

Making Things = Creativity

My people! I've been getting some really great feedback on these posts and for this, I am deeply grateful. A big 'ole THANK YOU to all of you who have spoken up, written comments, mailed me postcards (all the way from New Zealand!), and sent me so encouraging words. I've always enjoyed expressing myself through writing, … Continue reading Making Things = Creativity

The O and Four Fs

I'm honestly so vexed when I hear people say: "I'm bored". "How is this possible?" I think to myself. "Doesn't everyone have a zillion things on their want-to-try list? Hundreds of interests that have never made it past the 'I'll try that someday' category? A list of half-finished projects that makes you wonder if it's … Continue reading The O and Four Fs

Rachel posing in Virabhadrasana A (Warrior 1). Photo by Briana Cerezo.

Harnessing Your Ambition

I always feel about ten years late to the party when I say things like: "Wow, there are so many podcasts!" Is anyone else with me on this? Was I the only person in the dark without knowing that there was an infinitive variety of free audible content available to listen to? Literally, podcasts for … Continue reading Harnessing Your Ambition