What I provide my clients

I provide a blend of accountability, productivity, and mindfulness tools so that my clients can achieve their big dreams without burning themselves out in the process.

My credentials

  • More than a decade of cross-cultural experience as an international ESL instructor.
  • Experience working with hundreds of citizens of the world in cross-cultural settings.
  • A life-long love of self-awareness and personal growth work.
  • A mindfulness background as a dedicated practitioner, student, and teacher of yoga.
  • A Licensed Firestarter Sessions Facilitator.
  • A Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Oregon.
  • Credentialed as a Whole Person Life Coach through Coach Training World in Portland, Oregon.




I offer one-on-one coaching sessions in 3, 6, or 9, one hour sessions over the phone or in person.

One-on-One Coaching


Group coaching programs grounded in sisterhood and community are offered throughout the year online. These group sessions are amplified in efficacy because your people, a community of like-minded dreamers, are there with you to help you get everything that you want. You’ll also be assigned a partner and have lifetime access to a private Facebook group.

Onward Woman

Wild Ones group

Why work with a life coach?

Unlike consulting, coaching is a client-centered practice. As your life coach, it’s my job to listen to you, remind you of your resourcefulness, keep you focused on the desired outcomes that you set, check in to see that what you want is in alignment with your stated goals and values, and make plans to amplify your visions into reality and move onward.

I’m unbiased and fully committed to your agenda in a way that family and friends are unable to be.

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My clients are my pride and joy and I take great pleasure in helping them co-create the life of their dreams. Here’s what they’ve said about our time working together:

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Are you ready for it? 

Are you ready to stop saying: “someday I’ll do [fill in the blank]” and step into the life that you’ve always wanted?

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