Heceta Head Lighthouse by Rachel Drummond

Making Things = Creativity

My people!

I’ve been getting some really great feedback on these posts and for this, I am deeply grateful. A big ‘ole THANK YOU to all of you who have spoken up, written comments, mailed me postcards (all the way from New Zealand!), and sent me so encouraging words. I’ve always enjoyed expressing myself through writing, so at the start of 2018, I set a goal to write one blog post a week on topics related to my life coaching practice or whatever else wants to come out of my brain. So far I’ve stayed on track with that goal and that feels divinely effervescent.

When y’all take the time to speak up and say something in reaction to what I’ve written here, it tells me that my words are floating around unnoticed in the vast Internet ocean. Real people like you are reading them! Your words really inspire me to keep going, so deep bows of gratitude to you bright lights for the generosity of your time and honesty.

For a  lot of my life, I’ve felt like a creative person on the sidelines. The water girl if you will. Just getting my feet wet and having a damn good time splashing around watching others do their creative work. Feeling really happy for and inspired by their passion and ambition for their crafts. I believe that partaking in people’s expression of creativity is a very intimate way to see someone and what they value most and believe in with all their heart and soul. Or just to see how they enjoy expressing themselves.

I never thought of myself as much of a creative person, you know? I always thought of “creative” people as people who made tangible visual art, music, videos, sculpture, etc. In other words, people who could draw faces and have them look like real faces and not stick figure drawings. People who put paint on canvas and made it other-worldly. People who composed their own music or put together their own piece of media; a magazine, documentary, or TV show.

When I turned 36, I declared the theme of the year to be: CREATIVITY. I wanted to explore all there was to learn about creativity, support artists, and put myself in the pathway of creativity. It was a year of exploration of several forms of dance, looking visual artwork, walking in some galleries, and looking at “those artistic people’s things” for a year.

But as the year went on, I realized that I did have a creative streak in me and that creativity can be distilled down into one phrase: MAKING THINGS. I realized that I had been making lots of things without even considering them to be creative:

  • breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert
  • learning activities for my ESL classes
  • DIY projects in my home
  • photos and photo albums
  • creating a 4’x4′ raised garden bed and planting veggies in it, and tending it
  • travel plans and itineraries
  • dressing in different outfits every day
  • coming up with new ways of thinking or approaches to solve problems
  • and so much more

The featured photo of this post is a photo taken from Highway 101 of Heceta Head Lighthouse. I created it with my camera and also with a travel itinerary that I made for myself to enjoy some rare spring sunshine at the Oregon Coast. Is this an often photographed scene? Yes. Was my itinerary unique? Yes and no. It doesn’t matter. The point is, we can just make things. We can express ourselves. We don’t need a license or even educational experience or credentials to do it. We just need to make things.

It delighted me to realize that after years of thinking that I wasn’t creative to think: “Hey, I’m in the creativity club too!”

Isn’t it nice to not accept limits for one’s self? What a gift.

One of my dear yoga teachers said something once that lodged itself in my brain forever:

“Let go of your outdated impressions of limited capacity.”


By the way, a quick and easy way to figure out if you’re operating in thoughts of limited capacity is if you find yourself saying things like: “I could never…” or “I’m not…” or “I’m really new at this…”

“Let go of your outdated impressions of limited capacity.”

Every single one of us is creative. We just have to stop and think about what we do and how we make things in the world.

I’d love to hear about how your creativity shows up in the world. Or maybe your creativity exists only in your mind right now. What things do you make? What special gifts would the world not have if you weren’t here to make them? Leave a comment below.

Breathe and believe, beauties!

Go forth and make things!



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